15 8 / 2014

I’m in LA again working on the pilot I booked a few months ago, Cocked!

I’m going to the Sunset Gower Studios tomorrow for a camera test- modeling wardrobe options, makeup and hairstyles on camera.

Very excited to be working again :)

03 8 / 2014

3 days after all four of my wisdom teeth are removed: I have never felt so much pain in my entire life. The surgeon’s office is closed today. I can’t find any relief.

I actually think it’s possible to pass out from this excruciating pain. 

Lord, please help me. *cries*

01 8 / 2014

So I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday.

And today, I am in a shit load of pain. I can’t get up and walk around because I get extremely lightheaded and nauseous. So I’m confined to my dark room all day. My mouth hurts really bad but I’m hanging in there.

26 7 / 2014

Life update:

I decided that I’m not going to sit on my ass anymore in North Carolina. I moved in January of 2013 and have yet to establish a life here.
So I’ve “lived” here for a while but I’ve traveled to LA and Ohio so frequently since I’ve moved that I haven’t actually been in North Carolina as much as you would think.

Anyways, my pilot that I booked films for three weeks in September and so I have the whole month of August to occupy.
I’ve started going to yoga classes at the local YMCA and I’m actually really enjoying it. Today I volunteered at PETCO with a local organization called Catering to Cats and Dogs. I watched over the dogs and told potential adoptees about the animals.
I’m a huge dog lover so obviously I enjoyed spending time surrounded by sweet, adorable puppies.

If you live near Charlotte, North Carolina and are looking to adopt a dog— message me!

On top of my new interest in yoga and volunteer work, I got a job. A “normal” one— for when I’m not filming.
My aunt is the director of nursing at a home for seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia and she set me up with a job there. I’ll be the assistant activities director at the home on an “as needed” basis- two or three times a week.

I think it will be a good experience for me. I’m sure I can learn a lot from the men and women there and it will be nice to spend time with them.

Good things are happening :)

23 7 / 2014

My long distance boyfriend came to visit me for the first time in North Carolina last week. I had to drop him off at the airport today.

Now I feel empty. 

09 7 / 2014

A lot of people have been asking me lately how old I am.

I’m 17. I was born September 13, 1996 in Ohio. 

There ya go. 

06 7 / 2014

Hi guys!

I’m in the Outer Banks with my family on vacation— First time vacationing here. We usually go to Cape Cod but we changed it up a bit this year.

We had to stay at a motel for two nights because the hurricane that hit here caused a lot of damage in the town that our cottage is in.

But it’s all good now and I finally got to lay on the beach, relax and start reading my new book.


10 6 / 2014

02 6 / 2014

Hi all!

I’m very excited because I’m going to Cleveland on Thursday for a month. Last summer I did the same thing except I was there for almost 2 whole months! I would stay longer but I’m going to the Outer Banks with my family for a vacation at the beginning of July. 

I haven’t seen my boyfriend in a little over a month so I’m excited to go home. I also miss my friends a lot and considering I don’t know anyone in North Carolina I’m in major need of some friend time. 

Also I have some exciting news to share hopefully very soon! I can’t give away details yet but I booked a pilot starring some very big actors and I’m very excited! I’ll spend most of August working on the pilot in Los Angeles.

So I have a busy summer ahead of me! But a good kind of busy. I get to spend time with my friends, go on vacation with my family and work on a new project! 

17 5 / 2014

So my old high school’s prom is tonight. And I’m not going to lie, it’s sad to see all of my friends dressed up and looking beautiful and knowing that I can’t be a part of that. I didn’t think I would mind not going to my prom, but now that I’m seeing all of the pictures I am starting to feel sad. I mean I went to school with all of those people for my entire life.
My friends are incredibly stunning and they all look so beautiful tonight. I only wish I could be there tonight with them and have fun.
As you all know, I didn’t have the best time in school. I’ve struggled with social anxiety since middle school and my mind was always in a different place than everyone around me. I never fit in. But that’s a sob story no one wants to hear.
ANYWAYS. If any of you are going to prom soon or have already gone, I hope your time is/was amazing. Soak it all up and enjoy it. Yeah prom is a little overrated these days but just live in the moment and have fun.

I know that someday I will get my chance. I will be able to get all dolled up and put on a fancy gown and I’ll walk the red carpet.
Yeah that maybe sounds like a long shot to everyone, but I know that I’m fully capable of getting there.

Good things are headed my way.